Practice Areas

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Family Law
Family matters are sensitive, personal issues. Legal negotiations and decisions will impact you and your family’s future, so it’s essential to choose an experienced attorney who can guide you through these life events—allowing you to avoid stressful emotions and to reach the legal resolutions you seek.

Child Custody
In cases of child custody, I provide legal services that prioritize the child’s well-being and best interests. If you are a mother or father pursuing custody or visitation rights, you need legal representation, which seeks to resolve issues and disputes and to help you achieve your legal goals concerning your child’s care and well-being.

Divorce Law
Marriage breakdowns resulting in divorce are an unfortunate reality for many Americans. My knowledge and expertise in divorce law will help you navigate the legal implications, such as spousal support, division of property and child custody/visitation.

Criminal Defense
Being charged with a crime is serious, requiring immediate legal assistance and in-depth understanding of the courts, judges and prosecutors in your case. You’ll raise your chances of receiving desired results with my representation, regardless if it’s a misdemeanor or felony charge. I am committed to providing excellent counsel that achieves your best possible outcome.

Real Estate Law
Commercial and residential real estate law is complex, but with my expertise you’ll get the results you seek. I’ll protect your legal rights in all real estate matters, from tenant/landlord issues and property acquisition to agreement and zoning violations.

Personal Injury
Personal injury incidents are life-altering, often with severe physical and financial consequences for the victim. Rehabilitation and recovery will cost you time and money that can strain your health, family and career. I can help lessen the stress involved by pursuing compensation for your injuries if resulted from another’s recklessness or negligence.

Firearm Law
Understanding the protections of firearm law is more important than ever before. From concealed carry laws to firearm-related traffic violations, owners of firearms increasingly need adequate legal counsel to understand and exercise their rights. My representation will help protect you and your rights as a gun owner.